xPollinate Preview of HelloTxt Support

I have a new version of xPollinate waiting in the wings, with new support for HelloTxt. With this new feature, you won’t have to choose between Ping.fm or HelloTxt – you can use one, the other, or both (just try not to spam the hell out of your friends with duplicate posts!). I’ve submitted my… Release of xPollinate

I just released a new version of xPollinate, This is just a maintenance release to make the plugin work with Windows LiveWriter version 14.0.8089.726. I am currently working on supporting categories for the next release, so stay tuned.

Windows Live Gallery Sucks

After writing a Windows Live Writer Plugin and publishing it to the gallery, I’ve become completely frustrated with the user experience of that site. The Windows Live Gallery web site matches all the negative stereotypes that people typically have about Microsoft products. It is a hodgepodge of functionality, loosely tied together, with no visible support…

xPollinate Beta Released

I’ve just released a beta of xPollinate, my Windows Live Writer Cross Post Plugin. You can download the installer at the CodePlex site, and I’ll shortly post it on the Live Writer plugin gallery. As an example, I’ve used it to cross-post this entry to my old Blogger account, as well as via Ping.FM to…