Panorama of Mt. St. Helens

Here is a link to a panorama I took of Mt. St. Helens from the south side, near the Lahar viewpoint. I had never been to that side of the mountain before, and it was well worth the long trip. The views of the mountain were incredible, and there were several excellent hikes, including Ape Cave, Ape Canyon, Lava Canyon (with an awesome suspension bridge ala Indiana Jones for the kids), June Lake and more. It is also National Forest land, so you can pretty much camp anywhere you want. We just pulled over off the road near Lahar and found a nice secluded spot.

The panorama is of 31 separate photos that I took with the rapid shoot settings on a Nikon D5000. I didn’t have a tripod, just held the camera still as I panned manually. The Microsoft Image Composite Editor did a great job stitching the photos together.