NBA Playoffs 2009 – Online Bust

As much as I hate David Stern and the NBA for moving the Sonics, I still enjoy watching the best players during the playoffs. Since I don’t have cable TV, and am often too busy on weekends to catch the network television games on ABC, the last two years I’ve purchased the playoff games online to watch on my PC. Forget about it this year, as the NBA Download Store is closed for business.

To turn this off is just plain stupid for them. It’s like refusing royalty checks for music or books you’ve created. The last two years, each playoff game was available for download one or two days following the live game. To offer this service for a fee simply extended their revenue generation from each game.

The NBA really does have a flawed business model. I hope David Stern continues to screw it up and run it into the ground so everyone can see what an idiot he truly is.