My SharePoint Sites Links Missing – Fix

One client had a problem with profile and membership synchronization, and the “My SharePoint Sites” links would not appear for anyone. This also affected the “SharePoint Sites” and “Membership” web parts on users’ MySites – no SharePoint related links would show up in these parts.

We verified that users were explicitly added into the “Members” group of SharePoint sites, we performed full crawls and ran all the timer jobs. Still no dice.

Eventually, a support ticket with MS revealed that having the Content Database set to Offline prevented that functionality from working.

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  1. This was on a web application that had a portal content database, and also had mysites hosted in the same web application (separate site collection and content database). When the main content db of the portal was offline (which we did to prevent mysites from getting created inside it), the membership functionality broke.

    To fix it, we turned it online, and then set a maximum number of site collections (1) on the portal content db, so that new sites (mysites) would spill over into the mysites database.

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