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There are a few ways in SharePoint 2013 to create new publishing pages in the Pages library, but some of those methods have significant side effects or problems and should be avoided. In this post, I’ll show the proper way to create a Publishing Page in 2013 (hint: use the Site Actions menu).

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The Quick Launch (left nav) of SharePoint’s MySite Host (profile pages area) and personal sites (SkyDrive/MySite/My Content area) is a horribly confusing animal. The navigation changes completely depending on which page you are accessing, and it isn’t entirely clear how to manage the links, or which links appear for all users or just for ME. Definitely a point of confusion for our designers and customers. This post is the result of an internal discussion I started with our designers at Blue Rooster – hopefully you will find it of value to help understand better what you can expect to see in the Quick Launch in the different SharePoint 2013 social/personal areas, and where you might be able to customize it and add your own links. Continue Reading →