Best Indoor Flood Lamp for Recessed Lights – GE Reveal

I installed eight 5″ recessed can lights in my living room about five years ago. I haven’t yet had to replace a single one of the bulbs I first installed. The GE Reveal R30 flood lamps have lasted a long time, and provided a really pleasant, pure white light.

GE BR30 Reveal Light Bulb

In my new kitchen can lights, a cheap contractor pack of Sylvania 65W flood lights didn’t even last one year before all 13 bulbs burnt out. I’ve replaced them all one-by-one with the GE Reveal bulbs, and none have burnt out, over one year later.

I’m sure the performance has a lot to do with having dimmers. I’ll bet it’s a lot more gentle on the filaments when you turn on a light with the dimmer down to begin with. Even still, these Reveal bulbs are great.