Windows Live Gallery Sucks

After writing a Windows Live Writer Plugin and publishing it to the gallery, I’ve become completely frustrated with the user experience of that site. The Windows Live Gallery web site matches all the negative stereotypes that people typically have about Microsoft products. It is a hodgepodge of functionality, loosely tied together, with no visible support anymore. I can only imagine that it was a good idea from a good group, that has then suffered through re-org’s and budget slashes, and is now a headache for some Product Manager that is avoiding touching the system at all costs.

Posts go unanswered, the forum is no longer moderated and full of garbage. Authors can’t review or respond to issues about their own plugins. It has half-implemented technology (it tells me my plugin is “FREE”, but there is nothing that they currently charge for and they don’t have a shopping cart system in place). There is no mechanism to contact anyone for help (help and support links take you to the general Windows Live help pages).

I wouldn’t be too surprised if a year from now, some manager just pulls the plug on it and displays “The Gallery is now closed. You will be redirected to in 15 seconds.”.