Spam your own Blog so you can be a SharePoint MVP!

Ahh, my rant for today.

With the announcement of the name for the next version of SharePoint on the OFFICIAL SharePoint team blog, I am waiting for the inevitable flood of pingbacks, trackbacks, and reposts about this in my RSS reader. This will be similar to the flood of reposts about “SharePoint Designer is now Free!” I got a week ago. Same goes for the endless stream of tweets and retweets.

Is it really necessary to repost items from the official SharePoint team blog? If you are interested in SharePoint, you should be following this blog already, no?

I think much of this is a direct result of the MVP system and its requirements. When considering candidates for MVP, the quantity of blog posts, page hits, and comments are a big factor. I’ve seen some bloggers with high-quality posts get passed on as MVPs due to low numbers in their web stats. Are some bloggers trying to up their post counts? Is anybody monitoring quality as well as quantity?

I just can’t help but feel that this race to MVP status is encouraging this. Same goes for the MSDN SharePoint forums, where people seem to be falling all over themselves to answer questions as quickly as possible, without providing quality answers or even understanding the questions.

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