xPollinate – Windows Live Writer Cross Post Plugin

xPollinate is a Windows Live Writer plugin that enables you to cross post your blog entries to other blogs, as well as other social networking sites via Ping.FM. Use it to increase your exposure, reach more audiences, or even to create backups of your blog posts.

xPollinate Blogs Tab.png

You can download the plugin from the associated CodePlex site, or from the Windows Live Writer Plugin Gallery here.

This plugin is based on another CodePlex plugin project (http://www.codeplex.com/clarius/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=6626) by Daniel Cazzulino, but with additional features and functionality.

Version includes the following features:

  • Cross post to multiple blogs at the same time
  • Choose blogs to post to at cross post time
  • Set plugin defaults through the options dialog, and override at posting time.
  • Ability to turn comments and trackbacks (pings) on/off at the cross posted blog
  • Add header or footer html to each cross posted entry
  • Cross post to Ping.FM
    • Supports triggers and services
    • Post using blog, microblog, or status methods, simultaneously or individually