PDC Day 1 KeyNote Notes

    Windows Azure Improvements since last year:

  1. Support PHP, CGI, Apache, other frameworks
  2. Expose very low-level programming efforts (not just .NET).
    Example was a C++ app with pointers exposed as an Azure service
  3. Identity framework (support passing tokens from federated locations i.e. onsite AD instance)

    SQL Azure Improvements since last year:

  1. Not just RESTful consumption of services anymore
  2. Works with standard TDS based tools (SQL management studio)

    Microsoft has a vision of "Three screens and a Cloud".

    The screens include:

  1. Mobile devices
  2. Desktop computers
  3. Internet connected TVs

    They can all be united by data and services in the cloud.

Public Data in the Cloud (Codename "Dallas").

Repository for public data sets that can be consumed in any number of ways (and easily by Azure)

Accessed through Microsoft PinPoint

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Some data includes NASA mars photos, GIS data, AP News articles


Centralized marketplace for partner providers, Azure ISVs and implementers, and gateway to "Dallas" public Data.

"System Center" will plugin to Azure to monitor your Azure instances, check to meet SLAs, and enable you to scale up the Azure instances directly.

2010 will include ability to have the Azure cloud be able to establish a network connection to on-premise resources (i.e. self hosted SQL Server)

WordPress is moving to Windows Azure