My First TouchSmart Application – Seattle Traffic

After hours of loading software, I built the basics of my first TouchSmart/TouchCenter application. I wanted an easy way to check Seattle area traffic from TouchSmart, so I created a tile to grab the traffic flow image of the bridges from the mobile WSDOT site:

TouchSmart Seattle Traffic Tile

It took about twenty minutes to create the project, paste the shell XML from the application primer article, and register the application.

The Image control in WPF is slick because you can use a web url to a graphic file in the Source property. In WinForms I would have had to use the WebClient, get the image, save it somewhere, and load it into a picture box.

Now I need to add in a timer to refresh the image every so often, a button to manually refresh, the ability to see the North/South and full region maps, and add some visual spice.