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This month I am very excited to be joining Microsoft as a SharePoint consultant in the Premier Developer group. This is a very thrilling time to be joining Microsoft – infused with fresh energy from a new CEO, the frenetic pace of releases and innovations from the Azure and Web teams led by Scott Guthrie, the cloud development opportunities with Office365 and Yammer, and the release of amazing hardware like the XBox One/Kinect and Surface Pro 3.

I had an amazing time at Blue Rooster the last 4 years – and I’ll miss my friends and the incredibly creative team over there.

In my new role, I’ll be providing guidance, mentoring, training, and samples to Microsoft’s customers on how to develop for SharePoint, Office365, Yammer, Azure, and related technologies.

I’ll continue to blog here – about Yammer, Office365, and of course SharePoint, so stay tuned – lots of great technical posts are coming.