2010 Riesling

We are making Riesling this year. There were a bunch of grapes still left on the vines, and it was just too tempting to pick them. The bunches came off easily – we didn’t need clippers, just a good tug.

So I don’t forget it, here are the details about our 2010 Riesling:

  • Picked on 11/13/10.
  • 17 crates, about 30 pounds/crate.
  • Crushed on 11/13/10 late afternoon.
  • Pressed on 11/14/10 late morning.
  • Yield – 25 gallons

Some additional info on sugar content:

Started out with Brix of 20,
Added 10 cups of corn sugar which brought the brix up to 22
Added 20 teaspoons of Yeast Nutrient
and the starter yeast was Lalvin, kv1-1116 a good all around white wine yeast. 

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